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“The same can not be said for many of our competitors

One of the major benefits of Rehab Software Pro being run as an ‘online software application’ is that the updates we make to the system benefit EVERYONE.

This includes all ‘users’ no matter what package you have signed up to (monthly, yearly or lifetime).

As soon as we make changes every account is updated with ALL the new features, at no extra cost to you.

The same can not be said for many of our competitors.

This is because many of them still deliver their programs in CD format.  This means that once they’ve ‘burnt’ a CD with the currrent version of the software the only way for you to get an update is to buy the latest version.

“ALL the new features at no extra cost to you”

With that in mind I’m sure you will appreciate the advantage of Rehab Software Pro being delivered online, always allowing you instant access to the most up to date version of the software.

Have a look below at the future updates we have planned

1) Edit and re-edit the exercise descriptions:

This is a hugely important additional feature will be added to the programme in the near future.

It will allow you to edit the ‘stock’ descriptions that are already built into the system and customise the wording in your plans to ‘sound’ more like you, using your own terminology.

With this feature you will be able to save your own descriptions so that when you re-login to your account your own wording will be displayed as the ‘default.’

2) More illustrations:

Currently the library of exercises is at just over 500.  We will be adding additional illustrations to the system on an ongoing basis.  Many of the additional new exercise updates will be based on the feedback we receive form our customers (thats you!).

The next planned illustrations that we will be adding will focus on ‘gym based’ exercises with equipment including dumbbell and barbells.

3) Design and layout:

Over the next couple of weeks we will be making a few changes to the design and internal lay out of the site.

These changes will be subtle but will make the software ‘look better’ and more importantly make it easier and logical for you to use.

4) Other minor changes:

On top of all the other ‘larger’ updates we are constantly making a number of minor changes to the software, in an effort to make the system more intuitive and faster to use.

If you have have any suggestions that you believe will improve the software and make the system easier for you and others to use please email me directly at alex(at)rehabsoftwarepro(dot)com.

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