Patient Exercise Plans on Your Smart Phone (and how to generate extra referrals)

Your patients can now view their exercise plans from anywhere on their smart phones.

“information will be available to them where ever they arewhenever they need it

Using Rehab Software Pro your clients plans can be emailed directly to their inbox’s.

The plans are delivered in pdf format which allows your patients to open up their customised plans on their own smart phone!

“Blackberry or iPhone”

Let me explain why this is great for YOU:

1) No More Excuses:

Your clients can now view their programs from anywhere 24 hour a day. This eliminates all of those old excuses that your patients use for not completing their exercises, like “I couldn’t remember how many to do” or “I wasn’t sure if I was meant to do them with my leg turned out?”.

Send their plans using the software and the information will be available to them where ever they are – whenever they need it. Great hey!

2) Brilliant Marketing:

Those of you that run your own private practice or are self employed will realise marketing your services can be very expensive. I know my own costs run into several hundreds per month.

“exercise plans are a great marketing tool for your clinic”

Iphone - Rehab Plan

I had an experience last week that made me aware of how exercise plans are a great marketing tool for your clinic. In the run up to launching Rehab Software Pro, while testing it, I have been using the program a HUGE amount with my own clients.

However it is only recently that Nick (the software developer for Rehab Software Pro) showed me how well the programs display on different smartphones. Once I realised this I started asking all of my patients if they had a Blackberry or iPhone. The ones that said “yes” I re-sent them their plans and explained to them that they could view their plans on there phone.

“generate extra referrals”

It was only last week that I realised how this can generate extra referrals.

One client received his new plan on his iPhone while he was at work. He was so blown away by the fact that he had his plan on his phone that he went round his office showing his work colleges!

“well guess who got a phone call the following day?”

One of his colleges was also really impressed and started asking a little bit about who was treating him. As it turned out this work college was also carrying an injury and had been meaning to book in with someone ‘for ages’.

Well guess who got a phone call the following day?

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